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Achieving Better Medication Management in Seniors


As we get older, we become susceptible to diseases, and among these common age-related conditions include hypertension, diabetes, dementia (including Alzheimer), and more. The immune system weakens, which increases the likelihood of having chronic conditions as we age. It is why seniors tend to take multiple medications, also called polypharmacy, to treat the comorbid conditions that develop with age. But with more medications being taken comes the greater risk of drug interactions and the potential for side effects.

With skilled nursing services in Texas, medication management for older adults becomes more manageable. Composed of professional and skilled staff members, Covenant Home Health offers reliable and top-quality services to address medication-related problems faced by the elderly population. Here are a few tips to ensure that the benefits of each medication outweigh its risks.

  • Maintain a comprehensive list of all medications being taken and the purpose it serves. The list must cover all prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and any other supplements.
  • Use one pharmacy as much as possible to refill prescriptions so that it is easier for the pharmacist to monitor the medications and check for drug interactions.
  • Practice proper storage of medications, following the recommended storage condition of each medication. Keep it away from sight and reach of children.
  • Seek assistance from our home health care in Garland, Texas to better achieve medication adherence. Our skilled nurses ensure that the correct medication with the right dosage is given at the right time.
  • Schedule regular medication reviews to ensure that medicines remain safe and effective, as well as make changes to medication regimen depending on the health condition.

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