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Boosting Your Elder’s Immunity Against Disease


Immunity wanes as the body ages. Your elder may no longer be strong against infections like pneumonia. Hence, they must be able to build their immunity against diseases. This is important to living a quality life despite their advanced age.

Skilled nursing services in Texas will always advise you to make sure that you’re updated with your immunizations. For example, you must always have your yearly flu booster shot. Every year, the flu virus mutates. This means that your vaccine last year may no longer be effective in building immunity. Refer to your GP about shots your family should be getting this year.

You should also watch your diet. Eat only foods that are rich in nutrients. It’s a team effort. If you’re eating healthy, you can influence your elder to do the same. Home health care in Garland, Texas,comes with access to a nutritionist. Consult this expert about meal planning. You need meals that maximize the nutrition that you and your family receive from the food you eat. Nutritionists are experts at determining the nutritional value of each food item.

Everyone should exercise! Experts in physical therapy know that exercise not only makes your body stronger. It also boosts its ability to fight off infections. Sweating off regularly also helps you lower blood sugar levels and reduces blood pressure. You also become more agile and flexible. The elderly also gain more stability and balance.

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