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Cancer Treatment at Home With Home Health Services


People who receive treatment for cancer are most likely spending a lot of time in a hospital or clinic. But in some cases and depending on your doctor’s treatment plan, aspects of cancer treatment may be managed at home.

Of course, the presence of professional health workers like skilled nurses will also be required. Our skilled nursing services in Texas also help in cancer treatment management that is done in the home of the patient. Our skilled nurses monitor the patient’s health status, check vital signs, and manage medications, among others.

Cancer patients find it more convenient and comfortable to receive treatment at home. Furthermore, home treatment may also be less expensive than staying at a hospital. But all of this depends on the patient’s personal preference and living situation as well.

To know if you are a candidate for home treatment for cancer, your doctor will most likely assess the following:

    The type and stage of your cancer.
  • Your other existing medical conditions, if any.
  • Your treatment plan and prescribed drug regimen.
  • Your risk of developing complications from cancer or side effects from treatment.
  • The location of your residence, including its distance from the hospital.

In general, some cancer medications can always be administered at home, such as injections, pills, intravenous chemotherapy or antibiotics, and therapies that are given by patch or suppository. For proper administration, home health services are required, such as our home health care in Garland, Texas.

To know more, call Covenant Home Health today. We also offer physical therapy!

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