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Common Misconceptions About Home Care


Misconceptions are everywhere. But in the context of healthcare services, such beliefs can be counterproductive since they might cause individuals to feel fearful. As a result, they may be missing out on critical medical care or assistance.

Misconceptions are a barrier that we hope to address here in Covenant Home Health
. Along with delivering superior home health care in Garland, Texas, we also want to ensure that individuals in our community are not misled by false information.

With that, here are common misconceptions about home care and the reality behind them:

  • Home care is only available to patients with severe conditions:
    While home care may be beneficial for persons dealing with major medical problems such as cancer, it is not all there is to it. Home care also includes non-medical care that assists clients with everyday life tasks.
  • Receiving home care implies giving up independence:
    Home care’s goal is to maintain your independence and keep you safe at home for as long as possible. This also includes offering therapies tailored to each client’s specific health needs. Physical therapy is one example, among many.
  • Home care is only appropriate for people who have just been released from medical institutions:
    You can be referred directly by your provider even if you haven’t been to these facilities. This is usually the case for eligible individuals with several chronic health issues, those who have just been diagnosed with a serious disease such as Pneumonia, or those having difficulty managing everyday duties.

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