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Home Health Care Saves the Day

Home Health Care Saves the Day

Aging and disability often lead families to take their elderlies to a nursing home. This move causes stress to our grandparents—the reason why they usually decline. Yes, caring for a deteriorating senior is a tough challenge, especially to busy family members. It is hard to think about leaving a sick loved one unattended at home, and taking them to a residential care facility assures relatives that seniors will receive proper management.

However, there is another choice you can make. And that is availing of skilled nursing services in Texas. This type of service is the best alternative when your elders refuse to stay at a nursing home. They will have a chance to receive proper medical attention in their comfort zone.

Covenant Home Health offers skilled services at home. We can assure you that your elders will receive medication management, mobility assistance, physical therapy, and assistance with daily living activities. We will closely monitor their health status, vital signs, and other notable information you need to know.

How to enroll with our home health care in Garland, Texas?

  • Call us at 469-209-3783 or 214-566-9804.
  • Send an email to kelechimaduka.km@gmail.com.
  • Visit our office at 4229 Glenhaven Drive, Garland, Texas 75042.
  • Or click the Contact Us tab on the upper portion of this website.

Feel free to get in touch with our team, and we will be glad to assist with chronic health problems like cancer.

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