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How to Avoid Respiratory Tract Infections

How to Avoid Respiratory Tract Infections

It is worrisome to have respiratory problems nowadays. Many signs resemble COVID-19 symptoms, and there is a chance you will be considered a carrier of the disease. To protect elders under skilled nursing services in Texas, you can follow these measures against pulmonary conditions:

  • Always follow health protocols.
    When a person has a cough and colds, he has to observe proper hygiene by following cough etiquette, regular handwashing and sanitizing, and wearing a mask indoors and outdoors. A senior must take a bath immediately after going to a check-up or physical therapy because we never know what communicable diseases other patients have that elders can acquire.
  • Observe cleanliness
    Pollutants and millions of organisms may lurk on different surfaces everywhere. Remove dust and disinfect common areas at home; change beddings and linens as often as possible.
  • Quit smoking
    When a senior or a family member is a smoker, now is the right time to quit. Nicotine from cigarettes is dangerous not only to our elderly but also to the whole family. It weakens the lungs and worsens respiratory infections.

When you feel any symptoms, and they start to worsen, visit your doctor immediately.

Providing quality home health care in Garland, Texas is a mission that we take seriously. Our nurses are ready and willing to deliver the best professional care they can give—so the elderly and their families may have peace of mind. For skilled nursing and therapy services, call Covenant Home Health now! We gladly offer aid to patients’ health concerns, such as pneumonia and chronic pain.

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