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Speech Therapy for Seniors with Dementia


Communication is one of the critical things that can help us live a healthy and fuller life. Being able to share what you are feeling and thinking allows us to build and maintain relationships. Aside from that, communication allows us to perform important day-to-day tasks, such as work and school.

For seniors with Alzheimer or any dementia-related illness, however, communication can become challenging. The National Institute on Aging describes dementia as “the loss of cognitive functioning — thinking, remembering, and reasoning — to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities.”

Covenant Home Health, a provider of skilled nursing services in Texas, offers speech therapy services to help your seniors improve their communication skills as they battle with dementia. Our speech therapy services are intended to help your loved ones restore their communication skills and abilities. Our qualified speech therapists treat various communication challenges and work with your trusted physicians to design a goal-oriented treatment plan to improve your senior’s standard of living.

For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s, remembering information and learning how to process it can be quite difficult. What we can do to help your elderly relative communicate with better ease is by teaching them a variety of techniques to help them retain their language skills. When taught effectively, seniors with memory problems may have greater control over their ability to reason and speak.

Aside from that, our speech therapists can teach seniors some techniques on how they can maintain hydration and nutrition, which can decrease their swallowing problems. Our home health care in Garland, Texas, can also supervise their meals through healthy meal prep and planning.

To learn more about our services, such as speech and physical therapy, feel free to send us a message.

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